Collaborative Doers for Humanity


Practices around the overall concept of multi-sector collaborations have been in use in most fields, and professionals are routinely taught and trained for technical competence in such collaborations.  CARTHA has carved out its niche by designing and providing complementary educational and training programs that are based on its powerful approach to bridge collective professional thinking to professional doing.  CARTHA focuses on Building Collaborative Competence (C2) in Multisector Partnerships for Global Good (G2).  This action-oriented approach, termed the C2G2SM training model, enables the development of targeted skill-sets among Collaborative Doers.  While this C2G2SM model will need to be continuously assessed for its relevance and validity in various contexts and settings, CARTHA’s own experience indicates that such a framework enables energetic formulation and implementation of solutions to local and global challenges in addressing economic and social disparities. Using the C2G2SM framework, CARTHA provides models for studying, understanding, learning from, and communicating the work of Collaborative Doers.

CARTHA facilitates sharing and learning in inspiring ways that spur innovative thought, community outreach, and cross-sector partnerships.

We have reached out to, and are currently working with, a broad range of creative people from very different professions­—scientists, researchers, writers, entrepreneurs, filmmakers—to develop training curricula, conferences, and educational programs in different regions of the world. Our efforts complement the efforts of others and serve as programs within which various forms of C2G2SM models and skillsets can be shared, taught, studied, and understood. However, the pace and scale of these programming endeavors are directly dependent on the availability of funding support. We welcome input, assistance, and support with the further development of these efforts.

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