Collaborative Doers for Humanity


The worlds of theory and practice—of thinkers and doers, of the ideal and the practical—seem to exist in parallel universes. Indeed, the self-selected inhabitants of these universes exhibit distinct characteristics and approaches within their chosen professions, including their orientation to solving problems and making decisions. However, because real world problems do not arise within specific academic departments, finding robust solutions requires multi-disciplinary, pragmatic approaches. Moreover, acceptable, long-term solutions to significant problems must be conceptually rigorous as well as practically relevant. Yet, even as humanity’s problems increasingly call for interdisciplinary approaches and academic-practitioner collaborations, an uneasy separation persists. Clearly, we should seek to find common ground rather than accentuate the differences between the ideals of ivory tower and the ground realities of practice. Such a bridging perspective would go a long way in surfacing imaginative and innovative approaches to address chronic, global problems.

"A culture of innovation demands innovations in culture." ~ Sridhar Ramamoorti (brother of CARTHA Founder Usha Balakrishnan)

CARTHA means “doer” in Sanskrit. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, CARTHA develops and provides education, training, and professional development programs for transformative thought leaders involved in academic-practitioner collaborations. Our Glocalizer and Fellowship programs are designed to inspire such Collaborative Doers ("Carthans").

We aspire to build and empower networks of Collaborative Doers who play effective bridging roles to enhance the positive impact of technological and social innovations.

In a complex, dynamic and networked global environment, CARTHA leverages academic-practitioner partnerships and innovations to create opportunities for advancing glocal good.

Focus Areas for CARTHA's Glocalizers and Fellowships
 Social Innovation  Diaspora Givers  Healthfulness 


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