Collaborative Doers for Humanity

VISION for CARTHA and Carthans

To train Collaborative Doers

To build and empower networks of Collaborative Doers

To leverage academic-practitioner partnerships and innovations to create opportunities for advancing glocal good

In a complex, diverse, digitally-enabled, globally-connected world:

  • Networks of Collaborative Doers can help advance glocal good with greater effectiveness in any locality where they live
  • To form and sustain trust among networks of Collaborative Doers, we need to study, understand, and communicate how to connect Collaborative Doers and facilitate their work

CARTHA’s educational activities ("Glocalizers") and training programs ("Fellowships") are geared to help Collaborative Doers gain an effective framework for collective action, communication, and success.

Collaborative Doers can bring about fundamental change by:

  • Serving as transformative and resilient thought leaders
  • Identifying, sharing and leveraging various resources for collective benefit
  • Negotiating partnerships and managing expectations, and thereby, producing better balance in terms of social, environmental, and economic impacts

Collaborative Doers: Traits

  • Include local talent and passion on local projects
  • Anticipate new ideas and innovations to come from any corner of the globe
  • Work with dignity and respect for local community to solve problems they identify
  • Rely on nuances from oral, written, and digital cultures before defining a community problem
  • Share and gain new channels and platforms for innovation development, transfer and dissemination
  • Engage young people to give creative input and also allow them to gain early advantage of learning by doing

Collaborative Doers require Collaborative Competence

  • Cultural translation skills in fluid and complex situations
  • Ability to proactively reach out with empathy and fairness
  • Talent of bridging across people, organizations and networks
  • Aptitude to involve, engage, and leverage resources across different generations and cultures
  • Capacity to spur individual and collective thinking toward collective doing for collective benefit

CARTHA’s RationaleGoal, and Strategy are described in these pages.

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