Collaborative Doers for Humanity


We help glocalize the networks and mobilize resources for Carthans across regions as well as generations young and old.

The CARTHA Fellows program is designed to introduce younger faculty, professionals, and students into intergenerational, academic-practitioner networks of Collaborative Doers in the belief that such early exposure will enable these individuals to:

  • Build their Collaborative Competence skill-sets;
  • Develop new curricular and training programs;
  • Serve as role models within their peer groups and across wider communities-of-practice; and
  • Contribute their unique talent and creativity into CARTHA programs

If you are interested in learning more about our Fellows or Student Intern programs, partnering with CARTHA on such programs, or supporting the activities of our CARTHA Fellows and Student Interns through financial or in-kind contributions, please contact us.

CARTHA Fellows


Marcus Brown

Marcus Brown, (Creative Writing and Humanitarianism), Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Brad Pector

Brad Pector, (Creative Writing and Humanitarianism), Iowa City, Iowa, USA


Casey Kidwell

Casey Kidwell, (Innovation Management and Humanitarianism; and Rotary partnerships), Iowa City, Iowa, USA

We acknowledge and thank the following CARTHA Fellows for their previous affiliation with CARTHA:

2016: Brad Pector; Marcus Brown

2015: Casey Kidwell 

2014: Greta Doucette (Iowa City, Iowa)

2013: Sanjana Krishnan (Hyderabad, India); Michael Moonjely (Iowa City, Iowa); Asa Strong (Malawi, Africa); Aditi Vijay (College Park, Maryland); Angela Amico (New York City, New York)

2011: Sarita Patnaik (Rabat, Morocco and Iowa City, Iowa); Amie Ohlmann (Iowa City, Iowa; became CARTHA Program Manager and Director, The Derek Project in 2012)

2010: Stephanie Baer (Iowa City, Iowa and Brooklyn, New York)

2009: Robin Beining (Iowa City, Iowa)

2008: Burcu Esmer (Iowa City, Iowa and Ankara-Turkey); Svetha Swaminathan (Cedar Rapids, Iowa); Suzanne Hagan (Glasgow-UK); Anu Swaminathan (Farmington, Connecticut); Elizabeth Hoover de Galvez (Iowa City, Iowa; became CARTHA Council of Advisor in 2010)

2007: Alisha Nicole Apale (Nairobi-Kenya and Montreal-Canada; became CARTHA Council of Advisor in 2009); Luke Juran (Iowa City, Iowa and Nagapattinam, India; became CARTHA Ambassador in 2012)

2006: Ajailiu Niumai (Hyderabad-India; became CARTHA Ambassador in 2011); Edwin Brands (Iowa City, Iowa and Birmingham, Alabama); Blythe Burkhardt (Iowa City, Iowa and St. Louis, Missouri; became CARTHA Council of Advisor in 2011)

We acknowledge and thank the following student interns for their previous affiliation with CARTHA:

2011: Anahita Vasudevan (Atlanta, Georgia; founded first student chapter "CARTHA at Berkeley" and became CARTHA Board member in 2011); Assata Caldwell (Coralville, Iowa)

2006: Luke Juran (Dubuque, Iowa; became CARTHA Fellow in 2007); Allen Chen (Boston, Massachusetts); Rebecca Olson (Iowa City, Iowa); Amanda Schwartz (Iowa City, Iowa)

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