Collaborative Doers for Humanity


CARTHA’s C2G2 training model guides what we do and how we do what we do. Many fields employ some form of multisector collaboration, and professionals acquire the related technical (legal and business) competencies. We aim to add the social dimension by developing and providing complementary educational and training programs that inspire and connect Collaborative Doers. We partner with individuals, professional societies, campuses, and social service clubs to organize/sponsor conferences, public forums, and seminars reaching faculty, students, professionals and public citizens.

CARTHA Glocalizers inspire non-hierarchical Aspirations Exchanges and mobilize resources for Carthans across disciplines, sectors, regions, cultures, and ages. CARTHA's programs since 2006 have always mingled the aspirations of Collaborative Doers young and old.

Our current programs are guided by the vision outlined in our 2013-2018 Strategic Framework.


Leprosy Elimination: Modernity Meets Centuries-Old Stigma

  • Implement long-term, 55-year vision aiming for total elimination of leprosy (or Hansen's disease). Leprosy is a highly curable disease now, yet, there are still 14 remaining countries of disease endemicity. CARTHA efforts will focus on cross-sector partnering, curricula, and young volunteers using IT/social media tools/mobile apps to reduce stigma, highlight new diagnostic testkits, and address challenges of social integration of Leprosy Affected Persons.

Global Health through the Sound and Lens of Water

  • Design primary initiative as a series of complementary educational programs and curricular modules that eventually enable the launch of a worldwide water-use and health literacy campaign with a variety of partnering organizations.


Rotaract of Iowa City Area (RICA): A CARTHA partnership designed with Rotary

Are you are between the ages of 18 to 30, living in the Iowa City area, and looking to build your leadership skills by teaming up with others on humanitarian projects locally and/or globally? We are pleased to introduce you to the newly founded community-based Rotaract Club of Iowa City Area as a partnership between Rotary and CARTHA. After the launch event on September 12, biweekly programs of Rotaract will highlight the "hows" of being engaged in humanitarian endeavors. No matter which sector you are from, if you are passionate about creating and contributing to initiatives to better the lives of others in your community and beyond then this is a networking haven for you!

  • Crafted as a partnership with the Iowa City Noon Rotary Club and Rotary 6000 District, CARTHA (with the help of Glenn Martin) led the launch of a new community-based Rotaract of Iowa City Area on September 12, 2013 at the Iowa City Chamber of Commerce.  With 39 inspired people in attendance, the inauguration featured Rotary 6000 District Governor Jacque Andrew. Several Rotaract programs are being planned for Fall 2013 and Spring 2014.


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